Too Many Projects

Is there such a thing?

We all want to keep busy because apparently, idol hands are the Devil’s tools. I guess that’s true if you’re evil and enjoy causing trouble. I like to keep busy. When one project finishes, another normally starts. However, this is not always the case for me. I get bored easy. So I flit from one to another. Let’s face it, I’ve never been a good finisher. I remember the immortal words of teachers gone by, “where’s your assignment Sandra?” These words still haunt me and every time I start something new, I wonder if I’ll finish.

At the moment, I have unfinished paintings, woodcraft, sewing and of course writing. There are so many ideas in my head when it comes to short stories that I often start them, save them and then discover them months later and wonder what the hell I was going to write. To top it off, I’m trying so hard to start running again, but that isn’t going as well as it was yesterday. It’s quite disturbing in some respects, but it does give you an idea of what sort of person I am.

For this reason, I try to steer clear of places such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. Sadly I’m often sucked into binge watching some sort of ridiculous show and then realising that during that time I could have put at least two projects to bed. It’s a situation I’ve become aware of as the years slip by and I realise that time is the most important commodity I have.

So, after thinking about it clearly and typing it out here, I suppose there can never be too many projects but there is, in fact, too much time wasting.

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