The Hooper Mysteries

The Hooper Mysteriesthe hooper mysteries new

Let me introduce you to a friend of mine. This girl thought she was an average teenager, but she has a secret and she wants to share it with you.

Bess Hooper finds herself in all sorts of predicaments and they all involve solving mysteries. What makes her different? She’s a time traveller and each conundrum takes her a little bit closer to the origin of the gift.

You can join Bess on the path back to the beginning as she searches for answers, and with each discovery, gains a little more knowledge about herself. Along the way she finds mysteries to solve and each puzzle brings her closer to the truth about herself. But what is the truth?



Books in this series;

The Mystery of the Cornerstone

The Mystery of Kissing Gate Woods

The Mystery of the Stone Arches

The Mystery of Wicklow Hall

The Mystery of the Vanishing Lake

The Mystery of the Cracked Wall

The Mystery of the Clock Tower

Stepping Sideways

The Hooper Mysteries are also available on Amazon.

Sandra Maggs Amazon

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