The Power of Positive Thinking.

I woke up the other day and the alarm was going off so, instantly I pressed snoozed. I don’t how many other people press the snooze button but I bet it’s more than a few. Anyway, I pressed it more than once. I’m not sure why I set the alarm to that particular time when I know I don’t have to get out of bed yet. I’ve always liked to wake up gradually and not jump out of bed as soon as my eyes open.

Anyway, after I dragged myself into the shower I started to think about the way I think. I’ve always tried to be positive and look for the silver lining. Sometimes it takes longer to find it but it’s normally lurking in there somewhere. That led me to think about the past few years and the upset that certain things have caused, to not just a few but millions. I started to feel thankful. I didn’t loose my life to covid and I suppose if I’ve gotten through it so far, I can continue. I can still work and my day job is quite an active one so being mobile is something else I’m thankful for. I can pay my own bills and I afford to keep a roof over my head. I have friends who like to spend time eating out and chatting about ridiculous things that don’t really have any impact on life. I have spare time to just sit and stare at the walls if I want to and thankfully, I don’t have to flee from a war torn country. I have peace of mind knowing that when I go to bed at night, I’m more than likely going to wake up when the alarm goes off.

So, after thinking in such a positive way for a few days, I started running again.

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