I recently received an email from Google Play who now offer an auto-narrated option for eBooks. I’ve always been a reader and I don’t particularly learn anything from listening. I never listened to my mum, or my school teachers and I have sort of made my own rules up along the way. In short, I don’t like being told what to do.

So this got me thinking. Are there people in this world who like to be read to even as grown ups and if so what’s the attraction? When I read a book I sometimes have to read paragraphs twice because even though the story line is interesting enough to keep me engaged, certain words or sentences can evoke memories and sometimes, sidetrack me from the book. But if I was listening to the smooth, rounded tones of the reader, would it engage me or would I just nod off? Is this something you can do while you’re out jogging around a track or is it one of those relaxing in a big comfy chair type of activities? And, if I was listening to someone tell me a story, would I miss my train stop or maybe even get on the wrong train? There are so many questions that I have about this method but I feel as though anything is worth a shot. However, before I hit the go button, I probably should listen.

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