The Book or the Movie?

I’ve always been a reader and I love to read a book that has been used to inspire a movie. I remember years ago I stumbled on something that wasn’t quite right though. I was watching a horror movie that I had already visited in print which had been adapted for television and was surprised at what had been left out of the story. At the end I asked my friends, who had actually seen the movie on the big screen, “what happened to this part?” Apparently that was never in the movie so I began to explore further.

Normally I would pick up the book before watching the movie but there have been the odd occasion when I’ve done the reverse. Sometimes, and this is rare, someone would actually say “that’s not what happened in the book,” and that would inspire me to read the novel. There have been so many stories that are so different to the movies based on them and while I enjoy watching a good film, there’s nothing like the book.

I could give you a list of books that are completely different to the movie inspired by the story but it would be far too long to fit into my humble blog. If you’re like me and you want to explore further, there’s no time like the present. Personally, for me, the book wins out most times but on rare occasions I have preferred the movie – even with the bits missing. So, on this ordinary, rainy Sunday, why not make a start? You might find a new passion or you might think I’m nuts. Either way, you’re going to make the same discovery as me and question, the book or the movie?

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