The writer, the reader, the book restorer!

I’ve always been an avid reader. It makes sense that if you like something as much as I like reading, that you might want to pursue writing as a career. Anyway, I buy a lot of books in all different genres. I’ll pretty much read anything and every book I read adds to the knowledge that helps me to write.

Recently I purchased a book online. It’s chapter book that was read to the class when I was around the age of nine. The book, The Wheel on the School, by Meindert DeJong, is set in the Netherlands and the story has always intrigued me. So, when I found a copy online, I purchased it and couldn’t wait for my new prize to arrive. Sadly the book was covered in mold and there was even dry mould within the pages. Honestly, I don’t know why you even let a book get in this condition, let alone sell it online. I cleaned it the best way I could and then googled what to do. I had no intentions of returning the book as I had been searching for it quite some time. So trying to remove the mold from the cover of the book so that it didn’t spread was my only choice.

I found several helpful sites to help me with my problem. Although I know I can’t restore the cover to it’s former glory, I can remove the mold with a soft cloth and some hydrogen peroxide. As for the musty moldy smell, it seems that if you place the book in a bag with some bicarb or baking soda, it can take away the smell. So this is my project today to rid one of my favourite childhood books of the nasty mold.

The is the link to the page I found online which was the most helpful. Who knows, you might actually need it yourself one day.,the%20book%20thoroughly%20but%20gently.

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