Reading owb’s

I love a good read and reading more helps to improve your writing. You can examine other styles and the way the author describes people and places, so it’s always interesting picking up another author’s work. I’m one of those readers who will enjoy any genre as long as it holds my interest. At the moment I’m enjoying a book of short stories. Murder Most Fowl is exactly how it sounds. A book of short stories about murders. Some of the authors included are Agatha Christie and Dorothy Sayers. They’re two of my favourite and I’ve read numerous books by these amazing crime writers.

Short stories keep the reader interested. Normally there will be a certain word count so each word within the work is important to the story. A lot of competitions are like this. Hundreds of writers enter comps so it’s crucial for the judges to get through the work and also find a winner who can fit an amazing story into the word count set out. The story has to paint a picture that shows the audience exactly what’s happening and give the reader just a hint to help imagine the setting and characters.

So, reading owb’s – other writer’s books, is important. Especially if you take yourself seriously as a writer!

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