The Big Picture

A few weeks ago I posted about advertising and said that I would let you know how it went. I suppose when I first thought about paying for someone to help me get my work out there, it was all about selling more books. Now I’m thinking differently.

Having a website that you pay for annually might seem like a waste of money and there are a lot of people who just open up social media pages which are free and that might work for them. I’ve tried advertising on Facebook but it didn’t have any impact whatsoever so I started my website. Even then I didn’t really have a clue about the way it all works. I mean, who am I? Unless I tell you, you don’t know. Unless you’ve stumbled across something I’ve written you won’t have a clue who I am, so why would you want to look at my website?

I written so many eBooks and tried hard to get people to read them but it’s so difficult because eBook publishing is so easy these days and there are millions of people doing it. So, advertising is essential. I didn’t sell a great deal of copies but I did get a lot more website traffic. Instead of hoping people stumble across my work and head to my site, there were hits from Facebook and other websites where my eBook was advertised and this made me realise that unless I get my stuff out there, it’s just going to remain unread.

It’s taken a long time and I still don’t fully understand it all, but I’m getting closer and it feels good.

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