Happy New Year

It seems like only yesterday I was seeing in the the new year for 2021 and here we are in 2022. Over the past few years it feels like I’ve put things on hold due to the dreaded virus that has infiltrated our lives, but not any more. I don’t usually make new years resolutions but I’m making an exception. All though I’m not a list maker, here’s my tiny list for 2022;

Write more – every day, and finish the work I have started.

Post more – use my website as it was meant to be used.

Run more – my fitness has taken a dive and I want it back. Runners will tell you that the constant exercise makes you feel invincible.

Live more – having stayed cooped up in my flat has taken its toll and I need the social aspect to stop myself from inventing more imaginary friends.

Learn more – take chances and do what I want to do even if I don’t think I can.

During 2021 I learned to paint and painted portraits of my friends’ pets for them. They paid me too. I also learned to sew and crochet so the old skills that were once very popular entered my life. I did a bit of kintsugi and also gilded a mirror I had owned for a long time. This year I plan to do more. I’m in the process of writing another eBook and also finishing a few that I’ve started and put aside. It’s time to make sure I get my work out there for others to enjoy.

So happy new year to you all and be inspired. I know I am!

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